December 1, 2022

Altin Patiler Klubu  to celebrate 2014

World Animal Day


World Animal Day is an international day of action celebrated annually on the 4th October.

The Altin Patiler Klubu will hold their  “animals day” event at the animal shelter Altin Patiler Klubu  logoin Nicosia on Sunday the 28th of September (since the 4th October is Bayram/Eid).

The event will start at around 10.00am when members and supporters of the group will gather and they are planning  to take the dogs out of their cages and walk and play with them and giving them that much needed love and attention for a few hours and we are showing here a few pictures from last year’s event.

For those local readers who would also like to go along and meet this group and offer support , the Animal Shelter is located near the customs building in the Nicosia Organize Sanayi area and we are showing a map for your guidance click here.

Do please go along and spend a few hours with a homeless animal.


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