December 1, 2022

UK Passport Renewal

Reasurance for those in the TRNC


By Peter Wills

Despite the recent bad press about the UK Passport Office, this reassurance might help anyone who needs to renew their passport in the near future.

It really couldn’t be easier for anyone living in the TRNC. The service by all parties involved was excellent and it couldn’t have been faster if we had wished.

Firstly you go onto the internet, type in Passport Renewal Overseas, which takes you through to the government website. (click here)

In an easy step-by-step guide, you complete the online form and make your payment by credit/debit card including the fee for the return of your passport.  Remember to make a note oBritish passportf your application reference number so that you can trace the progress of your application.

Then, as instructed, you print off the last page of the form you completed and take it with your old passport and appropriate new photographs, plus 30 Euros to Café Boss, which is located in the road alongside HSBC bank in Girne.

They handle the rest and will give you a receipt with your DHL tracking reference number.  The 30 Euros is payment for DHL delivery to the Overseas Passport Office in Belfast, which goes via Istanbul and Frankfurt in Germany.  On to England and then to Belfast.

By tracking the DHL progress, we could see that our parcel took only 4 days to reach the passport office!  Three days later we could see that the new passport had been processed and despatched.  Four days later it was back in Girne and we got a telephone call from DHL to check our location so that they could deliver it.  There was then a follow-up call from their office to make sure it had been delivered.

Presumably for security purposes, the Passport Office do not return your original documents with the new passport.  But, two days later another visit from DHL and the original documents were returned.

Excellent service from all quarters and assurance that we can now leave the country safely whenever we want, even if it is just to go over the border for some retail therapy.

6 thoughts on “UK Passport Renewal – Reasurance for those in the TRNC

  1. Dear Peter Wills: Perhaps you could also advise whether Cyprus or Turkey is to be entered as country of residence.
    And the fact that it is cheaper to mail the passport to Belfast rather than going through DHL – possibly for some from the Greek side.
    Also that it has just taken Belfast two months to handle my application.

  2. In answer to Audrey, For the return of the passport, you put Turkey in your address, not North Cyprus. DHL have their own postcode which should go in the address after Turkey. They will advise you of this at Café Boss. With regard to sending by post – from the South it might be OK but I would rather pay the moderate extra cost to know that it is brought back here safely!

    1. Yes Ali if you are applying from Northern Cyprus then enter Turkey and your TRNC address so that you are charged the correct amount.

      I recently used the system and entered Turkey and my UK address which created mayhem with me being undercharged and the passport would have gone to the UK address.

      But another small issue had occurred which enabled me to make the necessary contact to pay the difference and have both the old a new passport delivered to me in the TRNC.

      By the way Cafe Boss is now known as The Food Lodge and the DHL charge may have increased but the staff will advise you when you visit them.

  3. the food lodge has stopped doing this
    the new place for this service is at the Hire it office / shop on the same road opp the pit stop you cant miss it

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