December 1, 2022

The Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus Vision


By Maria Chappell

I am the founder of the Hope 4 Pets group and we are moving very fast, There are animal compounds all over North Cyprus about to happen any day and I have meetings to attend with the various Belediyesi to make sure we work with them to help them and get things right on the new compounds.  I had a meeting this week in Alsancak and also a meeting with Lapta Belediyesi during this week and  Maria Chappell imageplan to meet all Belediyesi,  I am also attending  a meeting on Friday 19th September to lodge the group as an organisation and charity and hope the approval will not take too long. .

We have achieved so much in such a short space of time and have developed into a good team.  We hope to hold many events in the future  to raise money that is so much needed to help the street dogs here in North Cyprus. We hope to have good relations with other organisations and all the Vets.  This is all needed.   Our H4P website has been launched and through this, and our Facebook group page, we hope many more people will learn of our aims and will support us and this project which has also been supported by Chris Elliott from creating and donating our website.

We are seeking to make arrangements for TV and Radio Interviews to reach both the English and Turkish viewers and listeners. We will announce the  broadcasting dates of these interviews very soon on our website and also on and we are working already on an education program idea for all schools.

What started out as a small Facebook Group to help find homes for the stray dogs of North Cyprus, which I set up one Hope 4 pets image  2month ago, has turned into something amazing. I knew this was needed but how much I did not know until I found out about the compound in Famagusta, There will be many compounds here that will all need to meet with the requirements of the TRNC Government.  With good communication and support these will be good compounds. This is what we all wish for here in North Cyprus,

From here we, the Hope 4 Pets group, will be able to find foster homes for sick animals on discharge from the Vets care, and also from the CEFA,,Cyprus Emergency Foundation for Animals.  We will try to find Forever Homes for so many of the street dogs and cats here in North Cyprus,. The street dogs and cats we HOPE will one day be a thing of the past with only a handful from time to time that maybe unfortunate not to live in a happy healthy environment.

This is our vision, Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus will make a difference, this is our pledge, Thank you all who have been working so hard to support us and all of you  who follow our dream for the future,

With best wishes


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