June 29, 2022

Kamiloğlu Hospital, Girne

By Margaret Sheard….

I have previously written about the excellent service provided by Kamiloğlu Hospital in Girne when I required consultation regarding a back problem and also took the opportunity of having an “MOT” to check out my general health.   This is a small hospital with very friendly staff and doctors who make you feel you are a person and not just a number.

I had occasion to visit again recently regarding a “blemish” which had Kamiloglu Hastanesi logoappeared on my face and just wasn’t healing.    An appointment was made to see the Dermatologist, Dr Fatma, who confirmed it should be removed, she also checked the rest of my body, which thank goodness was ok.     The older generation develop all types of skin blemishes and I realise how wise it is to get them checked out, and with the more modern equipment being used in North Cyprus now this is a very quick procedure.    An appointment was then made for me to see Dr Arsin, an Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and I duly went along a few days later to see him.  This was a consultation and Dr Arsin spent a long time explaining to me the procedure he would use to remove the offending “blemish”, he took photographs of my face from different angles and also showed me the results of his previous work on his computer.   He was very reassuring and I can only say this consultation completely put my mind at rest, having been able to discuss things and being told exactly what was to be done.

A further appointment a few more days hence was Kamiloglu Hospitalarranged for me to go along and have this small operation, which when the time came was very efficiently carried out, taking about half an hour, during the time Dr Arsin was carrying out the surgery he was telling me what was happening and I felt very comfortable with the whole procedure.  He even showed me the offending item which will be sent away for analysis, yuk!

So from start to finish my dealings with the hospital which included 2 consultations and a small operation spanned a couple of weeks and the procedure was totally completed.  I will need to make one further visit to have stitches removed and that completes everything.  At times like this it makes me wonder how long I would have had to have waited in the UK for this procedure to be completed!

I cannot praise this hospital enough, it is very efficient, friendly and anyone needing any type of consultation or treatment should have no worries.

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