January 29, 2023

Mass Ice Bucket challenge in aid of

Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus


By Chris Elliott

Facebook is often seen as the pulse of what is happening and a place where like-minded folk come together to share their thoughts and ideas.

Stephanie Harrison-Croft
Stephanie Harrison-Croft

Recently I observed on the Facebook group page “Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus” a thread started by Stephanie Harrison-Croft indicating the desire to have a collective Mass Ice Bucket Challenge to raise donations to help the work of this group.

I made contact with Stephanie to  see if we could help with a promotional article about this forthcoming event and after exchanging some ideas we published our article which had very high readings wherever the link was placed and we planned to go along and take a few pictures of the event.

Saturday 30th of August 2014 was a very hot sunny day with many people who were participating in the event or there to support it,  gathering in the shade and having cooling drinks at Cafe George which is run by  big hearted George “Ali Ferhatogluları” who is always happy to help charities and good causes.

With the sun climbing higher the participants and their  helpers for the  Mass Ice Bucket Challenge gathered outside the Girne Belediyesi building in the shade and then in unison, they all poured and splashed ice cold water over themselves with squeals and gasps as the cold hit them.

Just look at the picture below and see the participants left to right making their valiant efforts for a good cause:

Tanisha Barnes, Alison Hosford, Bill Harrison-Croft, Sarah Purcell, Stephanie Harrison- Croft, Maria Chappell, David Miller, Loraine Augustus, Brenda Ramsey and Moyra Hassan.

So the Mass Ice Bucket Challenge  ended to the great delight of organiser Collecting donations for Hope 4 Pets North CyprusStephanie Harrison- Croft and this is what she had to say about it:

“Hello everyone Just to let you all know that the Event went fantastic and when all sponsorship, donations are in the total raised for the event is fast reaching 1,300TL with perhaps more to come. Thank you soooooooo much for each and everyone’s support, in whatever the capacity, in helping these needy animals.

I would now like to nominate everyone out there to give a helping hand to a desperate animal by either giving it a drink of water, a meal, a kind hand, a home or in any way you can.

Little by little we can all make a difference Thanxxxxx”

For those Facebook users who would like to read more of  Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus please click here and for those readers who would like to make a donation to North Cyprus Stray Dogs via “Gofundme” please click here


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