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Trevor’s Tips – September 2014

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By Trevor Hughes

Log Books

Once again we have tragically processed a road traffic accident from which the driver lost his life.

When handing over the car related documents to the Police Authorities, I noticed the log book was only in his name with the wife of the deceased being excluded.

AGAIN, the omission of the spouses/partners name means that she will not be able to drive the car and or even sell it, TRNC Vehicle Log Bookuntil everything has gone through probate, which can take several years to conclude.

I know I keep encouraging people, through my TIPS, that if you are ever faced with this situation, it is VITAL that you have entered a second name on the log book. When purchasing a new vehicle please remember to include both names on the log book at the time of purchase, otherwise adding a name later will cost you 200 TL [at the current rate], time and frustration!!! Failure to do so will mean you are going to be faced with a severe headache at some time in the future.

The recently introduced insurance procedure for insuring your car means that only the names on the log book can be entered on to the insurance document as the official owner. So, if you are over the age of 65 years, your premium will increase by 15% [age related]. But if your spouse/partners name has been entered on the log book and under the age of 65 years, you will  benefit from the  lower premium, [until he/she reaches the age of 65 years], saving you several £££££££££££££s in unnecessary inflated fees.


To enter Turkey, the TRNC, or any other country that requires at least six months remaining on your passport, you must have more than seven months remaining on your passport. If your passport has less than seven months remaining, you will be refused entry. If you are flying out of Ercan and going to Turkey for a visit and you have less than seven months remaining on your passport, the only way you can enter Turkey is by obtaining a new passport, or a 12 month passport extension. This process can only be undertaken at a British High Commission before travelling. British passportYour passport will be officially stamped and you will be given an official letter confirming the extension.

You cannot make a successful application if you have more than seven months left on your Passport and there must be at least three blank pages in the passport.  Download and complete the “time extension” document before you go to the British High Commission. You will need to take some other form of photo ID with you. They will only see you if you have made a prior appointment. Appointment days are on Wednesdays and Fridays, only. You cannot just turn up and hope they will attend to you, it won’t work!!!

The one year extension is [believe it or not] free of charge and it will allow you to enter the Country of your choice over the following twelve months. The telephone number for the British High Commission is +357 22 861 100, ask for the emergency travel assistance. Their email address is www.gov.uk/government/world/ and their web site address is www.gov.uk/government/world/.  To book your appointment email on nicosia.consular@fco.gov.uk.

How will you feel if you are refused entry into Turkey for a long awaited holiday because you have insufficient time remaining on your passport?

Driving Licences

One of our readers had her purse stolen recently. As well as her money being stolen; her TRNC Driving Licence was also taken. The licence in question was the original and although her licence was valid up and till 2017, the police said it had expired. Not until she produced a copy did the police believe her. So, instead of having to apply for a brand new licence at a cost of 237 TL, she managed to get a replacement at a cost of 100TL. Never keep the original of anything about your person; otherwise you could be faced with a similar situation.

Plastic Bottle Tops

Each month the number of plastic bottle tops Recycle your bottle capsbeing brought to the Lambousa Market stall keeps growing and growing. There is still a long way to go and the more you give us the quicker we can donate a wheelchair. So please carry on, as we are always at the stall every Saturday.

Scam, Beware!!!!

There is a woman going around knocking on doors asking for help as she is locked out of her home. As her story goes,” she cannot get in touch with her parents as they are shopping over the border. She has called a locksmith who is on his way and could you loan her the money to pay him? Her parents will refund the money upon their return”. The matter has been reported to the Police Authorities who have asked for public vigilance.

She is about 28-29 years old, is very polite and has a large tattoo of St Joseph and several other tattoos on one of her shoulders.

Electricity Meter Charges

If you are considering having an eco friendly  electricity system installed, Kibtek will change your meter to allow unused electricity to be put into the mains supply and subsequently earn money from the KIBTEKsurplus your system generates. Rumour going around is that Kibtek will charge you for the meter installation and also charge you for its rental at a cost of 250 TL per month for its use.

On your behalf, I investigated this rumour and went to Kibtek to seek clarity. I was informed that, yes, they will supply and install a new meter, but it is free of charge and there is definitely, definitely no monthly service charge. The Ministry of Interior was also asked for comment and they confirmed what I was told by Kibtek and the rumour is completely unfounded.

Don’t listen to bar chat, it is usually untrue, or at best, inaccurate!!!!

Property Registration

The Government has now made it official that once your land has been registered with Land Registry Office and all taxes paid, no one can take a mortgage out on your land. This should give some comfort to property purchasers.

Breakdown Recovery

Earlier this month, Dagli Sigorta responded to two broken down vehicles from over the border. One recall cost the Company over 900 TL to service, which is a facility included in their fully comprehensive iDagli Sigorta image smlnsurance policy, as standard and at no cost to the customer.

One of their policy renewals decided to go to an alternative company, even though the company he/she chose do not have this facility. The reason the customer sought an alternative company was that he/she could save £10. 00. You tell me where the sense of his/her decision is in that?

Breakdown recovery claims do not affect any “no claim” bonuses earned.

Oh Such Sad News

The news that Christine Price has passed away is extremely sad, but a blessing in disguise. Barry, her husband, has been a tower of strength throughout her illness and has always been optimistic throughout. If you know Barry or knew Chris, you will have been blessed. They never had a bad word to say about anybody and they were much admired and loved by the Tuesday 10 pin premier bowling league.

Chris was buried at the British Cemetery in Famagusta on Friday 29th August 2014 at 10. 00am.

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays this month.

Late Night Chemist Rota

Due to the late production of the late night chemist rota, we are unable to circulate it until the middle of September. The staff, who arrange this rota, send their apologies.

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