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CESV fundraising event – In a word – WOW!

CESV fundraising event

In a word – WOW!


By Claire Lamb

Saturday 23rd August saw an amazing event take place in Tatlisu – the fundraiser for the ambulance based in Tatlisu.  Over 100 people turned up from the ex-pat and local community for food, drinks and music at Ne & Se Restaurant and Bar.

Bob Lamb's speech image

Bob Lamb’s speech

Way back in June myself and husband, Bob Lamb, went to have a meeting with the ambulance crew and the Tatlisu mayor, Hayri Orçan to discuss raising funds to buy equipment for the ambulance.  We explained that a meal with music had been arranged with Salih Bilir at Ne & Se with 5tl from the price going to the ambulance.  With their support we went about arranging publicity for the event for maximum exposure!  “What’s On Where” did us proud with a half page advert, thank you, to make sure we got the word out far and wide.  We designed a poster, which went up in various locations and of course our lovely media people did their bit to ensure that news of this event went into every house in TRNC!  Not to mention endless sharing on Facebook.

By the evening of the big event 91 people had booked for the meal and on the night many people came along to either hand over donations or stay for a drink………..or two who also handed over our envelopes containing donations.  Donations have been coming in from tourists who had gone home before the event, ex-pat residents and members of the local community who even brought donations to our home!  The grand total raised was 1635 TL, which included a 60 TL donation, which came in on Monday!  A fabulous amount of money and a tribute to the wonderful people who support this worthy cause.

Tatlisu Ambulance crew

Tatlisu Ambulance crew

We seem to have a cast of thousands who we would like to thank for making this event the great success it undoubtedly was!  We would like to thank Salih Bilal and his hard working crew for the beautiful spread and cracking service.  Also a big thank you to Gavin Simons for providing the music, which had so many singing along and dancing, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did?

Thanks to the members of the ambulance crew who gave up their night off to come along and give us their support.

Terry Carter  and young Josh

Terry Carter and young Josh

A special thanks to Terry Carter for coming all the way from England (OK so he was already here on holiday but technically he DID come all the way from England!) and also to the other members of the CESV who came along to give us their support.  Last but certainly not least thank you to everyone who has donated to raise this staggering sum of money!  Also, to those who expressed an interest in joining the CESV please check out our Facebook page for lots of pictures and information about what we get up to – it’s not just about 1st aid – at TRNC Civil Emergency Service Volunteer click here or go to our webpage click here at

As if to prove how our work makes a difference we had an early morning caller at our home on Sunday.  A worried dad who was here on holiday brought his one year old baby round to ask our opinion as she had a high temperature and CESV new logo smlhad been vomiting through the night.  After a few questions there was no doubt this little mite needed to be seen by a professional at the hospital.  Having just got out of the pool I said I would meet the parents at the villa they are renting to go to Magusa State Hospital in their car as they had the baby seat.  Off we went to A&E and after explaining that the baby was ill we took a seat………….not for long!  We had barely sat down when we were called through where the A&E doctor did a few checks and called out the paediatrician.  While we were waiting for her arrival we went up to the children’s ward where the little one was hooked up to a drip for rehydration.  Once the doctor had seen the baby and diagnosed a nasty chest infection she was given antibiotics, nebulised and was kept in overnight.  I am pleased to say she and mum are now back at the villa on oral antibiotics and able to enjoy the last few days of her visit!

After speaking to mum it made us realise how comforting it is to people to know they do have help at hand and someone to turn to.

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  1. Excellent night in aid of a worthy cause to help the community in Tatlisu. 🙂 Well done to the organisers Claire and Bob Lamb well worth all your hard work. 🙂