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August 2014


By Chris Elliott

Margaret and I spend most of our lives writing and publishing articles on our website so it was a break in the routine when our friend and contributor, Engin Dervişağa, a TV producer for Bayrak International brought his TV crew to our home to talk to us again and find out how our website was progressing  and what we had achieved in the past year.

Ralph Kratzer and Engin Dervisaga
Ralph Kratzer and Engin Dervisaga

Now Engin has  a very fast wit and he can keep you in fits of laughter but bring another fellow writer and Secretary of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR), Ralph Kratzer together and we knew we were in for a memorable occasion and very entertaining experience.

The purpose of our meeting was to be interviewed by Engin for his next Vox Pop programme which was very productive and we all told him how we had come together  and formed the start of a team of volunteer writers and contributors to share the news of others to the widest audience possible through our respective websites which now have worldwide coverage and continue to grow daily with fresh news and readers beating a path to our doors.

There is a lot we could say of this experience but it is through Engin’s video that you will learn what motivates the Cyprusscene writers team to do what they do and the last humorous fact is the outtakes of this video, which Engin has included, to show that we are all real people with feelings and aspirations to do our best for others and the TRNC and enjoy it immensely.

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