June 29, 2022

Newspapers – Is it the end of the Line?

Let’s take another look


By Chris Elliott

We all perhaps like to sit and reflect on our past thoughts and opinions if only to establish what we thought might happen had happened. In October 2012 having recently moved away from writing some articles for local newspapers, I had started cyprusscene.com to initially share my thoughts with what I felt would be a larger audience.

Now in August 2014 I see in our local shops many newspapers in either Turkish or English but I doubt I canYour Daily News ever learn what their distribution or readership may be.

In the past few days whilst checking cyprusscene daily article reads I noticed my original article on this subject was still having some readings and when I checked further, I found it had still been read in increasing numbers over the past 21 months so perhaps that is a distinct advantage for on-line news over traditional off the shelf newspapers.

This means that readership of individual articles on-line can be checked by the author but I doubt they would have the same success in evaluating perhaps a traditional on the shelf newspaper of say 32 pages with many articles.

From these additional thoughts I can only say I see many newspapers being produced but perhaps the final thought on this traditional form of medium would be from my partner who said ” I have always liked to read a book and to have it in my hands and did not think a Kindle could replace this, but it has as I can now download what I want to read”.

An interesting point and perhaps we will have to revisit this subject again in the future to see what has changed in people’s reading habits.

Newspapers, is it the end of the line.

What the Newspapers Say or Not!

As an amateur writer, I have had the pleasure and pride of submitting articles to two newspapers in North Cyprus for publication and seeing many of them published.

There are many reasons that an individual would want to share their thoughts and information through the media and for me the most important aspect of writing is the preservation of the news and information for the enjoyment of the community and of course for all of the effort that went into producing this work.

Sadly with newspapers it’s unlikely that many are saved unlike books and in my youth newspapers were used to wrap fish and chips to keep them hot when you went to the fish shop. Enter the EU and the newspapers were spared this sad ending and many now have another unhappy ending.

Some would say that it is not ecologically friendly to produce newspapers and others would say the same about electronicPrinting the news equipment and things will change so only time will tell.

With these thoughts in mind I decided I would find another method of both publishing and also preserving news and then I discovered WordPress on the internet and as they say, the rest is history with the birth of cyprusscene.com.

So is this a lone quest? It seems not as now we are surrounded by mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, computers and even TV’s that can bring you the news via the internet from so many sources as it happens whereas newspapers can take far longer to produce the news. 

A lot of this news is taken from the electronic media source in the first place and published at high prices whereas a lot of internet news is free to access.

I must confess like my parents before me, that I still like to sit with a cup of coffee or tea on a Sunday and read the newspapers but will I one day read this news by electronic media only, we will wait and see.

Further views for our readers to consider.

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