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Kyrenia Animal Rescue get help from Viyabank

Viyabank to help Kyrenia Animal Rescue

By Chris Elliott

We were delighted to receive the following news and pictures of an event held today from KAR Chairperson, Margaret Ray when Viyabank pledged support to Kyrenia Animal Rescue and this is what was said of the occasion:

 “By Margaret Ray

 Kyrenia Animal Rescue are very grateful to VIYABANK presentation 005Viyabank for the generous proposal for raising funds for the animals.

It gives us great satisfaction to hear that a well established TRNC business as Viyabank is planning and intending to share some of its business profit to help the dog and cat problem in the community.

We hope that it will be a good long lasting relationship of benefit to all especially to the stray and abandoned animals.

A big thank you to all at Viyabank from all at Kyrenia Animal Rescue.”

We have also received  from KAR a statement by Viyabank Manager, Salim İleri which we would like to share with our readers as follows:

By Salim İleri

Viyabank LTD, established in 1997, gives a great importance to social activities besides from providing professional banking services.

Viyabank LTD has decided to give support to Kyrenia Animal Rescue, who have provided voluntary help to the animals in Kyrenia’s Besparmak mountains for many years.

The Directorate of Viyabank Girne Branch emphasised to the Officials of Kyrenia Animal Rescue at a meeting that they will provide the necessary support to Kyrenia Animal Rescue for the safety, care and nurtrition of the animals.

On the other hand, the Officials of Kyrenia Animal Rescue have thanked the Officials of Viyabank for their support and declared they will support the bank as necessary.”

For details of the proposed donations to KAR by Vityabank please see the poster below.

Viyabank Poster