December 3, 2022

The North Shield Pub at Le Chateau

Lambousa Hotel Lapta  

opens with Andrew Sings…..


By Chris Elliott

I have been visiting and writing about the redevelopment of Le Chateau Lambousa Hotel Lapta for the past year and I am pleased to be able to tell our readers about the latest development in the hotel North Shieldcomplex and this is the opening of the North Shield Pub on Friday the 8th August at 19.30pm.

Many of our local readers may have visited Le Chateau already and they will have experienced the thrill of the unique style of decor and the excellent service that is given there and now they are in for a further surprise with the opening of The North Shield Pub.

As many will discover and agree, the decor is very much a quality replication of the styles of pubs that would have been used by our fathers and Andrew Singsgrandfathers in years gone by with ample dark wood fixtures and fittings and tasteful paintings and decorative material.

So what other special features will be experienced on this Friday at the opening? The great news is local entertainers  Andrew Tait and Glen King of Andrew Sings….. have been asked to perform their unique brand of entertainment for  the guests in the delightful patio area alongside the large swimming pool as the sun goes down and the stars start to twinkle over Lapta which should be a night to remembered and we will be there and hope to see many of our friends there as well.

For those folk that want to eat at Le Chateau Lambousa, there is the restaurant, the poolside snack bar or the bar has a menu that give a wide choice of options at very reasonable prices.

 Opening night at the North Shield

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