December 3, 2022

Harry is the Hero of Kyrenia

Animal Rescue 


By Margaret Ray

This is Harry our HERO and this is his story.

Julie our Centre Supervisor received an urgent telephone call from the Petcross Veterinary clinic last Friday. Do we have a dog that has been tested clear of Harry the KAR HeroLeishmienosis, is in good health and is a calm friendly dog?

They urgently needed a dog to take blood from to give to another dog to be able to save its life. Julie immediately thought of Harry who had recently been given the all clear and was a very good tempered dog and rushed him down to the Petcross Veterinary clinic.

A Cypriot family with their beloved English Bulldog – Buddy, was waiting in anticipation. Buddy had become extremely unwell after being bitten by a tick and had lost a great deal of blood. His only chance was a blood transfusion! so Harry was hooked up to the tubes and lay there whilst blood was taken from each of his legs.

Julie said he was terrific and never once wriggled or tried to pull away whilst the bag was filling up with his blood. He then spent a few hours resting and receiving lots of cuddles and biscuits which he loved. Then he was whisked back to the centre to join his pals and tell them all about his adventure. Buddy was given the blood and is recovering well.

That is why Harry is our HERO.

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