September 25, 2022

Using your loaf to play guitar

at The Food Lodge

By Mary Day

Jamie Vincent teaching guitar
Jamie Vincent teaching guitar

Today I went for my normal coffee and very tasty cream bun at The Food Lodge, Ҫatalkoy and I must say it was much more enjoyable today due to the guitar lessons that are now being held there on Thursday mornings with Jamie Vincent.

With the sounds of The Streets of London and You Look Wonderful Tonight gently playing in the background it really did add to the pleasure of my visit.

Tony from Esentepe had taught himself how to play guitar so this was an ideal opportunity for him to improve his technique along with learning a few new ones from Jamie, I must say I was fairly impressed and as I sat with my coffee and I did notice that as customers entered the smiles on their faces told me that they also enjoyed what they heard.

Just maybe there is that little bit of Jimi Hendrix or Brian May in all of us just waiting to escape and now is the time to find out so why not go along to The Food Lodge next Thursday to find out, I am sure you will all enjoy it as much as I did.

Jamie Vincent also known as The Man in Black has been performing at many venues on the island and we will shortly be including his schedule in the Weekly Events Calendar on so that you can find out where you can see him playing.

Tony really enjoys the lesson
Tony really enjoys the lesson

The guitar lessons are 10 TL and start at 10am you will find the mood very relaxed and one that I am sure most will feel comfortable with, if you do not wish to improve your guitar playing then it makes a wonderful setting just to sit and enjoy a coffee and a cake with friends.

To book please Tel: 0533 822 57 93 or email:

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