December 6, 2023

GAU – Reviving the region

through the Arabahmet Culture

and Art House

By gautalk

Girne American University (GAU) Cultural Heritage Management is reviving the region through the restoration and renovation of Arabahmet Culture and Art House.

The renovation process of Arabahmet Culture and Art House located in Nicosia Walled City was completed in 2 months and during this process, the centre hosted over 60 different activities organized by amateur Jasmine Cafetheatre groups, schools and non-governmental organizations, free of charge.

It has been stated that the Arabahmet Culture and Art House which contains a Theatre Hall, Exhibition Hall, Art Library, Toy Museum, Warehouse Centre, embodies the cultural heritage of the Cypriot society is one of the precious centres of cultural heritage.  It will be opening on Wednesday 25th June 2014 at 18:00 and it has been stated that the Jasmine Cafe will open in order to recreate the jasmine-scented Nicosia and revive the forgotten flavours of the Cyprus food culture to unite with the public again.

Shall We Play Marbles (Pirilli)?Shall we play marbles

The opening ceremony, which will contain the childhood memories of those who lived in the Walled City region and other important places today, will be conducted with the slogan of “Shall We Play Marbles (Pirilli)?” in order to touch those memories from their past and revive history.  At the ceremony, where virtually forgotten dishes of Cyprus will be served and a photo exhibition by MonArt Gallery will be presented, the Turkish Cypriot Culture will be revived.


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