December 1, 2022

CESV In Action Again With The Firemen


By Claire Lamb

After a very long night on duty at Girne Amphitheatre several of the CESV members joined with those who had managed a refreshing night’s sleep to carry on with their annual training of the forest firemen.

Each year the CESV go on the road to each of the four My injury is better than  yoursmain forest fire stations to train the men in First Aid skills.  For some of the men it is a refresher course, while for others it is a whole new set of skills.  This was the third out of the four training sessions to be held, each being attended by 25 – 30 men.

Despite the intense heat and the constant worry that a call may go up for help we found some dappled shade and set to.  The men were taught, amongst other things, how to check a casualty for injuries and place them in the recovery position, what to do in case of snake bites and how to dress a fracture.  The experience was brought to life with the use of some very realistic make up showing what each injury could be expected to look like – not for the squeamish!  As usual the serious business of training was done with a liberal dose of good fun and laughter which brought everyone together to work as one team.

As well as providing training for those who want to know more about First Aid, the CESV also provide First Aid cover at events such as concerts at the Amphitheatre,   the Ultra marathon, festivals and any event where members of the public may be injured.

We also hold a meeting on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from September to July to refresh our skills and keep up to date.  If you would like to see more of what we get up to please check our website click here and if you use Facebook please visit us by clicking here

If you are interested in joining as a volunteer with CESV we would be pleased to see you and it is up to you how much time you want to give, after all we are all volunteers!  Contact Steve Collard on 00 9 0548 8455927 or email


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