February 6, 2023

Environment Clean-up by GAU Global

Science Family

 By gautalk

Girne American University (GAU), who declared the 2013/2014 academic year as the “Environment and Nature Year”, conducted an environmental clean-up in the Akdeniz 1.coast area by the GAU Global Science Family as part of the environmental activity organized by the TRNC Prime Ministry, Environment Platform with the slogan “Let’s do it North Cyprus” within the scope of 5th June World Environment Day.

The GAU Family showed great interest in the environmental clean-up activity which was held with the participation of GAU Environment and Nature, Research and Application Centre, academic and administrative staff.

There was great interest in the activity of the GAU Global Science Family along the coastline of Akdeniz village, despite the bad weather conditions, and this has demonstrated sensitivity once again. The waste collected within the environmental clean-up activity, which was conducted with the co-operation of 2.Akdeniz Village Development, Environmental Protection and Survival Association, was taken to the landfill with environmental clean-up trucks that serve under GAU.

In the statement which expressed by keeping clean and protecting Cyprus together, we can preserve a sustainable environment in the future, it was also reported that the aim of GAU is to leave a sustainable clean environment and livable nature structure for the next generation by creating awareness.  It was expressed that this sensitivity should be performed not only on special occasions, but continuously to create public awareness.  It has been further emphasized that GAU will always be the leader of this sensitivity and that people should be environmental friendly to ensure a clean and healthy future.



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