April 2, 2023

TRNC News Today 5th June 2014

President Eroğlu: “It is the Turkish Cypriot side which will suffer from a deadlock”

President Derviş Eroğlu said that the Greek Cypriot side gets advanDervis Eroglu 9tage of the continuation of status quo, a deadlock in the island and added: “It is the Turkish Cypriot side which will suffer from a deadlock that’s why we want to reach a solution in the island.”

Reminding that he discussed the issue of property for a period of 6-7 months with the former Greek Cypriot leader and they have convergences on some points, President Eroğlu said “The new Greek Cypriot leader submits proposals with preconditions on the issue of property.”

Moreover, expressing that Anastasiades does not accept former convergences and this causes problems, Eroğlu said that Turkish and Greek Cypriots should evaluate the negotiation process in the best way.

Kudret Özersay: “A road map should be determinedKudret Özersay 2

Turkish Cypriot negotiator – Kudret Özersay said that the Turkish Cypriot side is ready to negotiate a geographical map if both sides agree upon a road map which will lead to referenda.

Özersay added that if the Greek Cypriot side becomes willing, the process leading to referenda can start without any delay.

Moreover, Özersay added that the Greek Cypriot side diverges from past convergences since the beginning of the negotiation process but the Turkish Cypriot side will not take Greek Cypriots’ proposals into consideration.

TRNC Assembly will approve Constitutional Amendment today

General Council of the Assembly will approve the Law Proposal Regarding Constitutional Amendment today.

General Council of the Assembly will gather today.

At least 34 members of parliament should approve the proposal.

Greek Cypriots cause problems for crossings to Erenköy by land

Jimmy KecoThe Erenköy Fighters Association stated that the Greek Cypriots cause problems for crossings from Yeşilırmak-Pirgo Check Point to Erenköy by land and they do not comply with the protocol signed between the two sides.

The President of Erenköy Fighters Association – Kutlay Keço said that a protocol was signed between the two sides and according to the protocol, 3 days including Tuesday, Friday and Saturday have been determined for crossings to Erenköy but the Greek Cypriot side does not give permission for weekdays.

Bi-Communal Sea Fair will be organized in Gazimağusa

A bi-communal sea fair is going to be organized in Gazimağusa on Sunday (8th June). Sports, cultural and religious activities will be held at the fair.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office



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  1. Kudret Özersay please listen first: reject only after appraisal. That is is the skill of negotiation.

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