December 3, 2022

“Summer Special” – Line Dance

Party on 20th June 2014

By Margaret Sheard

To all Line Dance Clubs

Steve and Denise Bisson of Phoenix Line Dance Club are organising a “Summer Special” Line Dance Party for dancers from other Line Dance Clubs.   This is a one-off event to bring together like-minded people who logoshare a passion for Line Dancing.

Due to a clash of events on the original published date of 13th June, many messages were received from line dancers saying they would not be able to attend, so Steve has now changed the date to Friday 20th June and hopes to see many line dancers joining the party.   See revised poster below.

The event is to be held at the Royal Spice Restaurant in Lapta on Friday 20th June starting at 7pm and is for all Line Dance Clubs to participate and have the opportunity to dance their own particular favourites and to watch others performing theirs.   There will not be a formal programme, just everyone enjoying what they love best – line dancing.

There will be a special 2-course meal for 29TL which includes complimentary coffee and brandy and the dancing will start at 8.30pm.   Entrance is free.

What a brilliant idea to bring all line dancers together to share their passion for line dancing.

For further information please contact Steve or Denise on 0533 876 3410 or email

 “Summer Special” Line Dance Party 2

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