December 3, 2022

Citizens Advice Cyprus 

TRNC Residency Applications for over 60’s


Citizens Advice Cyprus would like to advise expatriate residents in North Cyprus of  the latest news regarding Residency Applications.

If you are 60 or above, you no longer need to apply for a yearly residency stamp in your passport. You are free to enter and exit the TRNC as often as you likeElderly couple and stay here for as long as you like.

With regard to the TRNC Driving Licence,  a residency permit has always been required and the Kyrenia Tax Office has now confirmed to us that expatriate residents who are 60 years or over will only have to provide a copy of their passports and a letter from their Muhtar to show proof of their identity and their address after the Muhtar has verified their property location by viewing their property kocan or rental agreement.

Driving Licence application forms are now available in English at your local tax office and can also be collected from the Citizens Advice Cyprus Office in Karakum or downloaded and printed by clicking here.

For those who want further information on this or other matters, please contact us at CAC by clicking on the email link below to send your enquiry.

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8 thoughts on “Citizens Advice Cyprus – TRNC Residency Applications for over 60’s

  1. this is excellent news . as an expat currently living in Mainland Turkey, this provides an alternative to the new Residency laws here which are causing much concern to us over 60s

  2. Hi

    We are new to this wonderfully peaceful country and I am seeking information to help my wife get her residency.

    I am an American and 69 yo. Immigrations explained to me the ruling for over 60 and it is another reason for me to want to stay here 🙂

    However, my wife is not over 60 and wants to get her Temporary Residency. Mainly because she is a Filipina and gets hassled in Manila each time she flies out of there. They continue to tell her she needs a Visa from the TRNC’s embassy (or will mistake Cyprus for the TRNC). We explain to them that she can get her Visa upon arrival. Yet, they still hassle until we get someone to look it up on the web.

    Hopefully, they will not cause her problems once she has a Temporary Residency in her passport.

    I found on this site that one of the requirements was £10,000 bank balance. IS that income per year? We live on my pension of £17,000 and do very well, but to maintain or have a 10K balance is not possible. IS this a hard fast rule for Temporary Residency?

    Thank you for your time and any help you can provide us.

    Jerry & JJ

    1. Hello Gerald I am sorry for the delay in replying to you.

      Please have a look at the British Residents’ Society website which contains some very good information and the subject of Residency can be found by clicking here

      You may also find as a expatriate, “The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)” web site to be of interest click here

      With best wishes

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