December 2, 2022

Dağli Trading Ltd help KAR

Kyrenia Animal Rescue

By Chris Elliott

With increasing numbers of dogs appearing on the streets and many ending up being cared for by KAR following the TRNC  Veterinary Department  ruling that all dogs over 6 weeks old should be micro chipped and registered with the Veterinary department it is very refreshing to hear some good news which we received from Margaret Ray.

On Friday 23rd May, Orhan Dağli, the Director of Dağli Trading Ltd visited the KAR Animal Rescue Centre in the Five Finger Mountains and donated 405 DagliTrading Dog Food Donation smlkg of Dry Dog Food with a letter shown below which explains how the very generous donation came about.

Former President, Mehmet Ali Talat who is also an animal lover was thanked for supporting a consumer campaign which resulted in him visiting a pet food factory in Turkey and this will help benefit the dogs in the care of the animal charities throughout the TRNC.

For our local readers may we remind you that your dogs should be micro-chipped and registered by no later than 1st July 2014 and you can read more of this TRNC regulation by clicking here and on speaking to Margaret Ray about the dog chipping, this is what she had to say.:

“We are trying to cope with the added numbers of dogs that have been released on the streets and at the end of April the dogs in our care numbered 270 adults and 60 puppies.”

She also said that  at both of their dog shows last month they asked those entering if they had microchips and this was the results:-

Lapta Show out of 147 entries 49 did not have microchips.

Girne Paws In the Park Dog Show – out of 144 entries 75 did not have microchips.

KAR do not know how many owners have had their dogs microchipped and registered with the TRNC Dog micro chippingVeterinary Department but hopefully through articles like this and the surveys they did at the dog shows, this will encourage many people to have their dogs chipped and registered.

There are many benefits in having dogs chipped and  a couple of weeks ago KAR received a report of a dog wandering the streets in Ozanköy which was wearing a harness and lead so when their Community Warden collected the dog it was checked for a microchip and found that it had one. KAR then gave the number to the TRNC Veterinary Department  who gave them  the owners contact details and the lost dog was reunited with the owner.

Dagli Trading Letter 2

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