January 30, 2023

Please note (14.6.18)  that the Tulips Support team as show under have retired and the Facebook page  etc closed down and  anyone seeking help should establish contact through…..https://www.facebook.com/TulipsKHYD/

By Chris Elliott

Many of the expats living here in North Cyprus have come as a couple to perhaps enjoy their retirement and if one of them becomes ill, apart from treatment, the other thing they need is support which can be gained by meeting others with similar problems and just sit and chat through their experiences. As they say a problem shared is a problem solved or halved.

In the case of cancer, Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) are very supportive with information to help patients find their way around the various procedures and systems either when they have a diagnosis or whilst having treatment, advice, and  counseling. With the latter in mind Jane Matter and Pam Kennedy the Tulips ex-pat patients support workers, who have a lot of experience on behalf of Tulips, have decided to run a coffee morning where people with cancer and their caring partner can meet others to take that first step in sharing their problems.

The first opportunity to do this will be at a Coffee Morning in Alsancak on the 2nd June at the Deli Cafe from 10.30am to 12.00 noon. This is not a fund-raising event, but an opportunity to meet other people in a similar situation for mutual support.

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