December 6, 2022

6th Ozanköy Pekmez Festival

Carob/Molasses Fest

By Margaret Sheard

As an Ozanköy resident, it is important to promote the village where I live and this year, earlier than in previous years, we have the 6th Ozanköy Pekmez Festival, which starts this evening, Carob beansFriday 23rd May and continues on Saturday and Sunday.   See the poster below for the variety of events you can look forward to which will enable you to choose when you visit.

This is always a very popular event and it is so nice to see throngs of people in the village all enjoying the entertainment and the atmosphere of what is normally a quiet, sleepy village and typical of what we interpret as village life in North Cyprus.   A festival is a whole different thing, and the village suddenly bursts into life to show off its heritage and traditions.

The events are all during the evenings so will avoid the heat of the day and be a pleasant way to spend a few hours in Ozanköy browsing around the stalls selling carob products and other items and enjoying the variety of entertainment on offer.



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