June 29, 2022

Multimax – The Joys of the Internet

By Margaret Sheard

From time to time people decide to change their internet provider for one reason or another and I decided to change mine to hopefully improve on the service which is important for the amount of work my partner and I do via the internet with our website http://www.cyprusscene.com.

Having received only 2 days notice of expiry from the provider I was using, it was a matter of sorting something out very quickMultimax logoly if we wanted to change.  We needed a fast system to enable uploading photos to our website and also uploading videos which Chris makes of various events to Youtube, so this was an ideal opportunity to look at an alternative provider.  The first step was to ask some questions which we did via the internet chat system Multimax provide and we had very efficient dialogue with Sue who was extremely helpful with the questions being asked.   This was followed by a visit to the Karakum Office of Multimax where the paperwork was completed and payment made, again we found Perin, the young lady in the office, very courteous and helpful.

We had explained the need for a quick installation of the newInternet speed test system so that we could keep our website operating, we thought it would be necessary to get some credit on an internet wireless dongle to keep the website going, but in fact we could have had the installation the following day, however, as we had other commitments we arranged for the day following that for the work to be carried out.

At 10am on the arranged day a telephone call was received and within half an hour the technicians Mustafa and Ahmet arrived.   How is that for good service.    They were very quick and extremely tidy and the work was done efficiently with no problems.  Mustafa showed Chris the speed test which was blisteringly fast compared with what we had previously received and having immediately tried the Yes a great improvementsystem after the technicians left, we were amazed at the speed of upload and download we now have, which is also apparent on the NTV television system where videos now download extremely quickly.

So, one service was switched off and the new service was installed with hardly any interruption to our working day.

We do appreciate that with wireless internet it very much depends on location as to the efficiency of the service people receive but in our case we seem to be in an ideal location and for a little extra investment we now have a superior system to suit our needs.

Well done Multimax, we are very impressed.

For those who wish to learn more of the Multimax Internet System please click here

4 thoughts on “North Cyprus – Multimax internet service provider

  1. I have used Multimax for my broadband connection since 2011, soon after the company opened its Kyrenia office. There were a lot of problems in the early days – sometimes complete days with no service – but the company did what it could and frequently sent a text message informing subscribers that, by way of compensation, extra days would be added to the subscription period. It was a nuisance but I stuck with it and now, problems are rare and no more than occur with ISPs in the UK and elsewhere.
    Soon after launching broadband, Multimax, through its association with NTV offered a television service and I signed up for it. On the face of it, NTV is a fantastic service, albeit more expensive than a full Sky HD service in the UK, with all BBC, ITV, Sky etc. channels. In reality, however, the service falls well short of what a UK Sky subscriber would accept. During the three years that I have received NTV, I doubt that I have received a single programme without any fault occuring; sometimes, an entire programme has to be abandoned as unwatchable (last Saturday’s FA Cup Final was an example, with the picture breaking up, freezing or disappearing altogether; on Sunday, when my friends discussed the game, I was quite jealous!) The Multimax office no longer deals with anything to do with NTV and communication has to be by ‘live chat’, typing back and to with a representative in Lefkosa. The only response I can get is that the problem lies with the connection from Turkey to TRNC. I receive courteous apologies but three years on, the same problems persist. When it is working properly, the service is excellent but when watching a programme I am always conscious that, at some point, I have a very good chance of losing picture, sound or both. I suppose that I should move to another provider but I keep hoping that the television service will improve, as the broadband did.

    1. Hello Ray. Thank you for your very informative comment. Today is the first day of our new internet service and I must say there is a great improvement in speed etc. early days but I think we have made the right decision. As the NVT package is a separate issue we will need to monitor this and as it is the first day with the new internet provider we will have to wait and see. We have had the NTV system for over 2 years and I agree that it needs to be addressed with the breaking down of programmes which can be very frustrating. We are hopeful that the new internet service will improve the NTV package but we will have to wait and see.

  2. I am trying to get connected to the internet when I am out in trnc as from 19 September, I am an
    existing customer but there does no appear to be short cut to do this

    1. Hello Annabel.

      What do you want to connect to Multimax?

      If you have an account with them and have a tablet, smart phone, PC or Laptop when you arrive if you have a MUltimax account that is in credit all you need do is search for Multimax on you equipment and then you should be able to connect to it.

      Failing that contact their support via this link Multimax Internet

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