North Cyprus – TRNC News Today 8th May 2014 – Substantial negotiations started with mutual proposals”

TRNC News Today 8th May 2014

President Eroglu: “It is pleasing that substantial negotiations have started and the sides put forward mutual proposals”

President Eroglu said that as a beginning it was pleasing that substantial negotiations have started and the sides put forward Dervis Eroglu 10mutual proposals at the negotiations.

In a speech he made at one of his receptions President Eroglu pointed out that the Turkish side put forward proposals related to the issues of property and public administration and the Greek side related to federal powers. President Eroğlu said that the important thing is to reach an agreement in the next meeting after evaluation of these proposals.

Prime Minister Yorgancıoğlu: “We need good results more than good starts at the negotiations”

In a speech at the beginning of the Council of MinistersÖzkan Yorgancıoğlu Meeting, Prime Minister – Özkan Yorgancıoğlu said: “We need good results more than good starts at the phase of substantial negotiations. Many negotiations started well however have not ended well up to today. I appreciate that it is a good start, however I believe that reaching a good result is more important.”

The Prime Minister said they will do whatever is necessary for reaching good results.

Özersay meets Nuffel 

Turkish Cypriot negotiator – Kudret Özersay met with the President of EU Commission Jose Manuel Barroso’s Personal Envoy – Peter Van Nuffel.Kudret Özersay 3

The chapter of ‘European Union’ which is among the chapters to be negotiated in the negotiation process was discussed in the meeting. When and how the chapter of ‘European Union’ can be discussed during second phase of the negotiation process was also discussed.

Speaking to TAK after the meeting Özersay said “As we said in our earlier remarks, we are always ready to exchange opinions with Mr Nuffel regarding the EU chapter as long as we stay in the framework of UN Good Offices mission. I can comfortably say that these dialogues will continue in the upcoming period”

According to the information given by the Presidency’s Negotiation Office Özersay was accompanied by Undersecretary of Foreign Ministry – Erhan Erçin, Head of Political Affairs – Gülfem Veziroğlu Sevgili and Özlem İnce.

Koenig: “It is encouraging to see that cooperation is on the way in the region”

US Ambassador to South Cyprus – John Koenig made a speech in a panel themed “Security and Stability in the Eastern Mediterranean: Difficulties and Possibilities” organized together John Koenigwith Social Reform Association (OPEC) in South Cyprus and Representation of EU Commission in Cyprus and stated : “It is encouraging to see that cooperation regarding the hydrocarbon resources is on the way in the region”

Stating that discovery of natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean highlighted the discussions concerning by whom they will be controlled and how they will be accessed to markets, Koenig said that these questions should be replied to in order to take advantage of these resources.

Ambassador Koenig expressed that he has not any major plan concerning the management of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean and added that the resources belong to the countries in the region. (Turkish Cypriot daily KIBRIS)

Leader of Naqshbandi-Haqqani Order Seyh Nazim Kıbrisi passed away      

Leader of the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Order Nazım Kıbrısi (Mehmet Nazım Adil) passed away yesterday (7th May) at 13:30 at the hospital where he has been receiving treatment.

Mehmet Nazım AdilAfter a religious ceremony at the Selimiye Mosque in Lefkoşa, the leader of the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Order Nâzım Kıbrısî (Mehmet Nazım Adil) was buried at his lodge in Lefke yesterday (7th May).

President Eroglu has issued a message due to the death of Nazım Kıbrısi and said that the services of Nazım Kıbrısi to the Islamic world and humanity will not be forgotten.

Making a statement after the death of Kıbrısi,  Prime Minister – Özkan Yorgancıoğlu said that he was a religious leader who has been known for his wisdom and helpfulness and who has always been a defender of peace, understanding and brotherhood and made great efforts for humanity.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office