Rafters Restaurant, Ozankoy – Johnny Kneebone Bradford

I can’t dance said  Johnny Bradford

By Mary Day

Johnny Bradford is a very nice gentleman I just happened to meet in RJohhny no knees imageafters Restaurant in Ozanköy whilst he was enjoying a meal with his wife & some friends. When the fun started some of us were dancing and we called out to Johnny to come and join us.

We all know that men have some excuses for not joining in and dancing but I think Johnny came up with the funniest one that I have heard for a while. Poor Johnny could not dance due to having a knee bone!



My name is Johnny knee bone, I have a dodgy knee
Whenever I get up to dance it gives way on me

People think its funny, they think its part of my routine
My wife can’t stop laughing, its the funniest thing she’s seen

So until my knee gets better in the chair I will be
It’s no fun up dancing with a dodgy knee

I have this thing it’s called a bone getting in the way
It really stops me dancing every single day

So if I see you on the floor and you ask me to dance
All I will say is with this knee your taking quite a chance

I wiggle I wobble and can’t sit still on a chair
But when it comes to the dance floor I will not see you there

If you ask why I don’t dance then I will have to say
I have this thing called a knee bone and it gets in my way