A Day trip to Limassol and Paphos with Soyz Bar

A Day trip to Limassol and Paphos

By Mary Day

Living in North Cyprus we have so many opportunities to have a day out at the seaside but here is a day out arranged by Hatice Tevfik  by coach from the Soyz Bar, Çatalköy starting at Happy faces on the beach8.00am and travelling via the Metehan crossing to Limassol and Paphos on Wednesday 21st May.

For those local readers who would like to join this trip with Hatice and her friends, the cost is 100TL and after going through the Metehan crossing there will be a coffee stop at the Festival Park.

For those who would like to go on this trip, they should pay a 50TL deposit before the 14th May and of course will need to take their passport or ID card which will need to be shown at the Metehan crossing.

For further details and to make your booking please see below or call Hatice on 0542 885 7723.

Away Day to the seaside

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