November 26, 2022

North Cyprus – KAR – Let them

Live, Killing is

NOT the Solution

 By Chris Elliott

When I last went to the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Centre in the Five Finger Mountains, I collected a very impressive booklet  entitled “Let them Live, Killing is NOT the Solution”.

This book was written for Kyrenia Animal Rescue with help and support from the Girne Belediyesi logoKyrenia Municipality and contains a preface by Sümer Aygın the Mayor of Kyrenia.

This introduction by Sümer Aygın clearly displays the support of the Kyrenia Municipality for the work of Kyrenia Animal Rescue and the “Let Them Live” campaign.

This book is a wealth of information for those that care about dogs and the problem of “Street Dogs” and covers in detail the steps being taken to control the Street Dog population Kar logoboth here in North Cyprus and Fethiye in Turkey. The health issues of dogs and advice on treatment is also covered.

Some of the legal requirements and responsibilities of those wishing to own dogs is covered and so much more so for those that care and want to learn more please follow the link below to obtain your copy of this booklet.

To read. print, email or perhaps share a copy of this fine Kyrenia Animal Rescue booklet with your friends please  click here

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  1. Sorry but packs cannot be allowed, so fine the natives not being responsible allowing reckless breading, round up the strays and let the Gov deal with what to do with them before someone is killed.

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