December 1, 2022

Near East Bank

Private Banking Presentation

By Margaret Sheard

Near East Bank wish to give their customers the best possible service and on Wednesday 26th March, at the Karaoğlanoğlu Near East Bank KaraoglanogluBranch, a presentation was given to launch their new Private Banking Package.

As is normal in North Cyprus, special occasions like this are always accompanied by a selection of delicious “nibbles” and staff circulating with drinks for the guests, which is a nice touch making people feel very welcome.

The Branch Manager, Naci Karanlık welcomed everyone and introduced Esra Manyera, the Private Banking Group Manager, who gave some information about the Bank.  She told us that in the last 3 years the Bank has grown dramatically with 4 new branches being introduced, making a total of 12.  Esra Manyera welcomes the guestsThe number of staff has doubled to over 210 in the same period of time.  The Bank’s accounts have been audited by Deloitte to International Financial Reporting Standards for which the Bank is very proud.  The vision is to be the bank of choice in the TRNC and private banking is part of this vision.  Esra thanked everyone for attending and introduced James Swanson, Sales  and Product Development Manager, who is part of the private banking team and was giving the presentation.

James started the presentation with a couple of amusing anecdotes and then proceeded with the serious side of the event – the way in which the Bank values its customers and wants to do the very best they can for them.  Growth and success brings challenges and the Bank is ready to meet these challenges.    James said that people like good old-fashioned banking and at the moment it is possible to sit and talk to the Manager but in time, with growth and development,  this will probably not be possible and this is the reason for developing the private banking package James Swanson gives the presentationwhich is aimed to protect and enhance people’s investments, firstly protecting and then helping to make them grow.

It was stressed that people are different and their needs will differ and because of this the service provided to all clients needs to be flexible.  There is continuous analysis of the markets and representatives and staff have been hand-picked to use their expertise in their specific jobs.

The Bank classes all of their clients as unique and will listen to them, and maintain that giving a service that is “ok” is not acceptable, the service has to be excellent and second to none.

While James was speaking we had the added benefit of a slide show and he continued to give some information about the benefits package which is available to private banking clients.   All of this information can be seen on the Near East Bank website by clicking here

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