December 5, 2022

Chemist Rota – April 2014

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By Trevor Hughes

I have compiled the Chemist Rota for the month of April 2014 for the Girne/Alsancak/Lapta areas and this can be viewed by clicking here

Please note that as the chemist rota is published a month in advance it could be subject to change.


2 thoughts on “North Cyprus – Chemist Rota – April 2014

  1. This is an excellent service that Trevor Hughes provides, even though we all hope that it will not be required! Perhaps I might make one suggestion for its further usefulness: a brief comment after the address, giving an idea of where the pharmacy is situated (such as “near Vakiflar Bank”) would be very helpful, especially bearing in mind that if we do need an ‘out of hours’ pharmacy, it is likely to be in some kind of minor emergency and we may not be familiar with a particular street name, especially if the duty chemist is in an unfamiliar area and which ‘Sod’s Law’ generally dictates to be the case!

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