December 6, 2022

KAR meet Socks at Checkpoint Charlie

With so many incidents of international tension around the world it would seem  we had our own incident recently but with hindsight after much negotiation, the problem was resolved with a big wag of the tail and we are delighted to bring you this very unusual tale from Kim Betts at Kyrenia Animal Rescue.


The KAR office is used to taking phone calls about unusual situations but one last week (Thursday 13th March) took everyone by surprise. It certainly was a first for KAR.

The telephone call came about following an enquiry made on the KAR Facebook page. It was someone wanting info about a KAR Tag Dog.  KAR knew the dog and told the enquirer that he had been nicknamed “Socks” and was a TAG dog that lived in Girne town centre. KAR knew he was there on Friday 7th March as he had been seen, by several KAR workers and volunteers, sunbathing with the other TAG dogs in the town square.

The enquirer explained, via FB, that he was calling from South Nicosia (RoC) and that Socks was in the Nicosia Municipality Dog Pound. He (Nemos) was a volunteer at the pound and had photos showing “Socks” in the Nicosia pound. He was asked to contact the KAR office straight away.

Socks locked up in the ROC.
Socks locked up in the ROC.

Nemos rang the office immediately and explained the situation to Kim. After talking to each other and checking the photos and records Kim confirmed it was true – KAR’s Tag dog “Socks” had somehow ended up in RoC. It was a complete mystery how he got there as he had never strayed from Girne centre before. Nemos said that “Socks” had been picked up in South Nicosia on March 11th as part of their Municipality stray dog control programme.  He was quite a way from the crossing points when he was found and —He didn’t even have a passport!!

It was a delicate situation all round as any movement of animals from North to South is strictly prohibited and the consequences for any animal can be extremely serious. Nemos and several Pound and Municipality workers just wanted to help “Socks” get back to Girne. Kim and everyone at KAR also wanted him back. That in itself caused its own problems as there are strict entry requirements for animals entering TRNC and “Socks” met none of them. All day negotiations and ideas were discussed between Kim, Nemos and other representatives.

After lengthy negotiations a “solution” was reached. Plans were put in place and with the help of TRNC Government Vet Dept, South Nicosia Municipality, Kim, Nemos, KAR and the Nicosia Pound the “hand over “was arranged.

Meanwhile “Socks” was completely unaware of the seriousness of his situation nor the hard work his “Jolly” was causing people on both sides of the Island. He was simply enjoying meeting new friends and enjoying different food – like all tourists do when on holiday!

It was all set, Monday 17th March was THE day. Ledra Palace Crossing was THE place.

Nemos and representatives from South Nicosia Municipality office walked the errant Socks to the middle of the Ledra crossing point. A KAR representative walked to the central point from the other direction. Following greetings and confirmations THE handover took place and “Socks” began his long  walk along the remainder of the crossing and into TRNC with just a fleeting look back.

Come and see me in Kyrenia when you get out mate!
Come and see me in Kyrenia when you get out mate!

“Socks” and the KAR representative were met (as arranged) by the TRNC Government Vet Dept and they checked “Socks” over before taking him into quarantine for a while – just to ensure that he hadn’t  bought any nasty holiday bugs (or Big Macs !!) back with him .

How did “Socks” get to be in RoC? Who knows – only “Socks” and he is not saying a word!

But it just goes to show that through the shared love of animals that problems, barriers, and hostilities can all be resolved. It takes like minded people, regardless of their background, to work together to solve the issues together.

As for “Socks” – well he is still in quarantine but will soon be returned to KAR. However the records for “Socks” have now been updated and his name, and status, have been changed.

KAR now has its very own “Checkpoint Charlie”

If anyone feels that they could offer Checkpoint Charlie a home KAR is sure that he will make a loyal, loving family pet who would like nothing more than to “stay” put in a home of his very own.

You can contact KAR on 0533 8694098 or email







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