December 10, 2022

Angel Workshop

By Margaret Sheard

We have been advised of an event which looks very different, fascinating and interesting. This is a full day Angel Workshop being held by Suzie Heijari in Çatalköy on Saturday 19th April from 10am to 5pm. Suzie hasAngel picture given some information about the workshop which is shown below together with a poster of the event.

Suzie Heijari is a certified Angel Workshop Leader with the Diana Cooper School of Angels. She is a Master Life Coach, reader & teacher of Tarot Cards and also Yoga and Pilates teacher. In all her work, Suzie shares her love for spirituality, personal growth and healing.

If you are interested and would like some more information please call 0533 882 1475.

This is a workshop about discovering the Beings of Light that hover around us at all times. Angels are indeed with us, but according to the spiritual law, they must be asked to help. How do you connect with them and how do you ask? Angels can help us with everything and anything, and we can ask for help for our family and friends. Each of us has a guardian angel that whispers guidance in our ear in every situation in life and loves us unconditionally. In the workshop, I will share information on angels and lead you to connect to your angels through different meditations, visualizations and exercises. We will make angel wishes and learn about creating an abundant and happy life, consciously and together with the help of angels.

The event is being held at Monteou Arts Cafe and Bar which is located in the village of Çatalköy. There is no parking right in the front of the cafe, but parking space can be found in the area, then a short walk to the cafe. The workshop starts at 10:00 and I ask for the participants to arrive at 09:45. Lunch and a coffee/tea are included in the price of 80TL.

Also, I encourage the participants to bring a light blanket with them just in case – there will be water available but water can also be brought with you too.


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