Future of the Walled City of Lefkoşa

By gautalk

A significant attempt by GAU on the condition and future of the Walled City of Lefkoşa

Girne American University (GAU) and Middle East Technical University (METU) are developing cooperation and common studies in the GAU logo smlDepartment of Architecture Design StudioMETU logos.

The GAU Design Studio Executives – Assist. Prof. Dr. Hossein Sadri, Assist. Prof. Dr. Senem Zeybekoğlu Sadri, Fodei Conteh and METU Executives – Prof. Dr. Celal Abdi Güzer, Prof. Dr. Zeynep Mennan and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lale Özgenel have collaborated with a total of 110 students from both universities under the cooperation. The junior architecture design studios of GAU and senior architecture design studios of METU have observed and conducted studies in the region of the walled city of Lefkoşa and the Green Line.

On the first day of the studies, students and members of the Faculties 3gathered at Lefkoşa Arabahmet Culture House to discuss the condition and the future of the walled city region. Onur Olguner – the Higher Architect of Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality held a presentation on a zoning plan at the meeting. This was followed by field reconnaissance and studies held y students and the Faculty members. The second day of the program continued with the meeting being held regarding the current studies at GAU Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts by METU Department of Architecture, lecturers and students. The final day of the program was held in Lefkoşa for field examinations.1

METU Rector Advisor – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lale Özgenel presented a souvenir package on behalf of METU Faculty members to the Vice-Dean of GAU Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts Assist. Prof. Dr. Hossein Sadri in respect of the visit made for the design studios cooperation. This cooperation will lead to a second phase to be held in Ankara in line with jury assessments and this will be attended by GAU Architecture Department students and lecturers in May.