June 27, 2022

Walking in North Cyprus

with Brian Thomas

By Chris Elliott

What finer experience is there than to go for a nice long walk and enjoy the views along the way and feel that wonderful sense of achievement of being at peace with the world and to relax and savour the experience and memories afterwards.

I remember when I went along to watch and write for a 4 Brian Thomas MBE the Chairman of Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch together with his dog Heidi  finish fast and painful in First Place smlnewspaper about the 9th Orchid Walk in 2012 from the Arapköy area across to Çatalköy and I spoke to many people about their experiences and feelings and I recall speaking to Brian Thomas who was the first person to complete the walk with his dog Heidi and he said : “That was very hard and I wanted to feel some pain in memory of Maureen Hutchinson who was a wonderful lady and supporter of these walks and I am very glad to support this cause”.

Naturally people like to go walking for many different reasons and here in North Cyprus there are so many amazing places to walk to and many of our local readers will remember that Brian Thomas wrote a series of articles in a local newspaper about the walks he had done.

The great news is Brian has agreed to publish a number of his articles about these past walks here on cyprusscene.com and community sharing websites for our worldwide readership and the first one will be published on Thursday 20th March 2014.  

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