A fabulous evening!

Classical Concert in Bellapais Abbey

by Ralph Kratzer

For a long time I’ve been a fan of classical music and my favourite composers have always been Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Bellapais AbbeySo I was pleasantly surprised to learn from my good friend Monika, that a concert would take place within the venerable walls of the Bellapais Abbey, in which a German chamber orchestra and a Northern Cypriot soprano would perform works of my favorite composers and pieces of W.A. Mozart’s father Leopold Mozart and the well-known Norwegian maestro Edvard Grieg.

Of course, I obtained tickets for me and my girlfriend and  last Monday evening we both went together to Bellapais full of anticipation.

The event was perfectly organized by Kaleidoscope Turizm and the North Cyprus Piano Association.

P1010556I have already enjoyed some concerts in the lovingly restored refectory of the beautiful abbey from the 13th Century and it they have always been pleasant experiences, if only because of the overwhelming scenery of the ancient monastery ruin.

However, the performance of the chamber orchestra Capriccio Fridericiana from Karlsruhe in Germany under their conductor Hubert Heitz and the art of the young soprano Laden Ince surpassed all my expectations.

The concert was sold out and all of the audience were so enthusiastic that the musicians had to give several encores at the end.

I am glad that there are always opportunities in our small Republic of Northern Cyprus to go to concerts and other cultural events and all this for admission charges that are absolutely affordable compared to those I still know from Germany!

Once again, many thanks to the artists and the organizers!

To view more pictures of the concert in a slideshow – click here!