December 10, 2022

Protocol signed with GAU for

Arabahmet project

By gautalk

The Arabahmet Culture Centre tendering agreement has been signed between Arabahmet Bölgesi Geliştirme Şirketi Ltd. ( Arabahmet Region Development Comp. Ltd.) and Girne American University (GAU).

LTB (Lefkosa Turkish Municipality) Mayor – Kadri Fellahoğlu, GAU Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators – Serhat Akpınar, GAU Vice-Chair of the Board of Administrators –1 Olgun Ustun, LTB Council Member – Onur Olguner, LTB Project Manager- Ali Güralp, Arabahmet Bölgesi Geliştirme Şirketi Ltd. ( Arabahmet Region Development Comp. Ltd.) Member and The Director – Zihni Türksel and Erdal Yucalt attended the signing ceremony. According to the agreement, GAU will perform cultural, artistic, social and educational activities for 5 years in order to contribute to the restoration of Arabahmet Culture Centre with the cooperation of LTB.

LTB Mayor – Kadri Fellahoğlu

Fellahoğlu, stated that they signed this protocol with the awareness and belief of doing the right thing as Arabahmet Bölgesi Geliştirme Şirketi Ltd. and LTB. Fellahoğlu who emphasized that Arabahmet Bölgesi Geliştirme Şirketi Ltd had been used for other purposes by the previous administration, and stated that the issues were dealt with after he was elected and put into operation for the purposes of re-organization of Kadri Fellahoğlu (left) and Serhat Akpinarthe company. Fellahoğlu stressed that all these steps have been taken for both reviving the region and ensuring that they are used for the right purposes of establishment of the company. Fellahoğlu, who discussed that they want to re-claim Surlarici (Walled City) which is a long-neglected region, stated that the region has a huge potential for tourism with its deep-rooted historical and cultural richness. Fellahoğlu stated that the step which has been taken with GAU is a re-claiming step and emphasized that Surlariçi has to be re-claimed. Fellahoğlu indicated that he signed the agreement with the belief that GAU will re-claim and bring vitality to the region- both in Arabahmet Culture Centre and Surlarici.

Fellahoğlu stated that – “I understand the concerns of amateur theatre, however, GAU is an educational institution and should not be regarded as an enterprise. We have a common denominator with GAU and over time we will see that there is no need to worry.”

Fellahoğlu also stated that he got a positive response from the initiatives of Arabahmet Culture Centre being the first archeology museum of Cyprus at the signing ceremony. Fellaoğlu stated that other buildings in the region will be given to the use of LTB as well as the existing building, and they have commenced relevant procedures in this respect.

GAU Founding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators – Serhat Akpınar

Serhat Akpınar stated in his speech that all the contribution for the Arabahmet Culture Centre is a division of responsibility and that GAU will always operate with the slogan “The Past that Creates Future” for this division. Akpınar stated that the steps which have been taken so far are for the protection of cultural heritage Kadri Fellahoğlu (left) and Serhat Akpinarand to carry it forward in the best direction, and that this would be possible with the union of forces. Akpınar stated that this project is not only a social responsibility project but that it can also bring a new life and new form to Surlarici – Arabahmet Culture Centre. Akpınar who expressed that they are aiming to carry forward the cultural values from the past and, in this respect, they took this step to transform Nicosia to be the capital of culture.

Akpınar underlined that Arabahmet Culture Centre will host cultural activities and amateur theatres and civil organizations will be able to use this centre freely. Akpinar also stated that the Culture Centre will be open to everyone and that any concern is unwarranted.

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