December 6, 2022

Double Celebration at Girne State Hospital

By Margaret Sheard

On Tuesday 25th February there was a lot of activity going on with members of 2 charity organisations attending a presentation at Girne NCCCT Committee with Minister of Health, Ahmet GulleState Hospital, The North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust (NCCCT) and Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services (112).

The NCCCT charity had donated a Refractometer to the hospital, which is an eye testing machine at a cost of 9,500 euros. The machine will give diagnosis of early problems with the eyes and I was told that it is very patient friendly, eNCCCT Committe with the eye testing equipmentspecially in the case of children, and results are very quickly obtained and if necessary a prescription issued. This cuts out the reading of a chart with different lenses being inserted into the bulky glasses normally used in eye testing. What a blessing modern technology is for us all.

The event was attended by the Minister of Health – Ahmet Gulle and he gave a short speech before Jenny Tyler (left) and Brenda Plant with their plaquepresenting a plaque of appreciation to Angela Hasman of NCCCT and Mike Plant of Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services in recognition of the work done by these 2 charities for the benefit of the hospital and the community. Dr Salih Beyoğlu also gave a short speech of thanks.

I spoke briefly with Dr Sevim Erbildim and Dr Yeşim Gűműşdağ, who will be using the equipment together with another eye doctor Adil Özyilkan. Dr Sevim told me that the full title of  L-R  Dr Adil Özyilkan, Dr Sevim Erbildim and Dr Yeşim Gűműşdağ,  the machine is Autokeratorefractometer- Canon RK-F2. A long name but I am sure a very welcome and useful piece of equipment.

It is so satisfying to be invited to this sort of event and to be able to record the way in which the money raised by charity events is used for the benefit of the community. The eye testing machine is the latest piece of equipment to be donated by NCCCT through the efforts of their loyal supporters at their coffee mornings and bingo nights. Please continue to give your support.

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    1. Thank you for your kind word Art, on it is so nice to be able to promote people and charities when they achieve their objectives and here is a fine example of a job well done.

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