October 3, 2022

Theodore’s St Valentine’s Day 2013

By John Theodore-Edevu (Metin)
Presenter/Producer – CYPRUS IN THE SPOTLIGHT on Kanal T Television

Today the day has started with the sun peeking over the mountains and smiling on the birds that are singing in our trees and gardens and it’s great to be alive.Love

With the smell of spring fast approaching the feeling of wellbeing is marvellous and it reminds me of the approach of St Valentine’s Day when around the world it is the custom for lovers to show their appreciation for each other and just enjoy the moment. 

Do come on a journey with me through the video below to see a brief history of Valentine’s Day, a few romantic music videos, how a romantic young man proposed to his lover on live TV and how Valentine’s Day was rejoiced here in Nicosia during 2013. Happy viewing!




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