November 30, 2023 

That was the week that was!

By Chris Elliott

This past week has been breathtaking with yet another hike in readership leading to a new record reading on Wednesday 22nd January and we would like to say a very big thank you to all of our readers for visiting When we compare readings for January 2013 with January 2014 up to the 25th January there is a 148% increase in readings. So what does this all mean?

Well, daily we are seeing new followers subscribing for news feeds of our latest articles which means they are kept updated with our latest news and review articles. We Rising Graphare seeing many comments being made on our articles plus increasing numbers of people asking for help to locate information and/or people.

Also during the past twelve months we have seen the number of new contributors and writers on our pages increase and we would like to say a special thank you to Bertil Wedin, Chris Green, Ismail Veli, Ismet Üstüner, John L Oakes,  John Aziz Kent, Mary Day and Andrew Sings….. for your fascinating and informative articles and reviews.

Of course I should not forget my partner, Margaret Sheard, together with Ralph Kratzer, Trevor Hughes, Nigel Watson, and Graham Brown, GAU Talk plus – from Bayrak International, Can Gazi and Engin Dervişağa who have been so supportive by bringing their own articles and reviews to our pages in the past year and previous year.

What is fascinating is that as all articles remain live and they are continuing to be read along with our current pages and here are some examples:

Pages            Readings
Home page / Archives 49,051
About cyprusscene   1,821
Local Contacts      842
Translation      329

All articles are published in English but there are facilities to translate through Google and 329 readers have visited this page to translate into 1 of 56 languages. We don’t claim it to be a perfect translation but it helps the reader understand what we are writing about in their chosen language.

Articles – Top 5       Published Readings
North Cyprus new post codes 19th Feb 2013 2,533
British Army memories in Cyprus 1958-1959 21st April 2013    864
Cyprus – The Shame of Christmas 1963 22nd December 2013    791
Cyprus Crisis, North Sees It’s Moment – 26th March 2013    741
A visit to Akıncılar, North Cyprus 9th May 2013    738
Total number of articles we have published



So this is a little insight as to why we are so excited with the latest viewings and by this time next year our viewings will grow even more by those readers who have chosen as their favourite read of so many unique articles and reviews from Cyprus.

2 thoughts on “ – 2013 to 2014 – That was the week that was!

  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing statistic on the success of Cyprus scene. 148% in readings is a record that any major international journal would be proud of.

    1. Thank you Ismail but our success is due to you and your fellow writers who are sharing such fantastic articles which our readers are find so compelling and looking for more.

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