December 10, 2022

The Attacks of Aggressive Dogs continue!

By Ralph Kratzer

It is now six months ago that my beloved dog Laika was attacked on our day’s hike in the mountains of Alsancak by a free-running fighting dog and fatally injured.

My article “Danger – Big Dogs are no Toys” was read by a lot of visitors to our website. To remember the post – click here!

Now I have learned from Doris, a member of “The Foreign Residents in the TRNC”, that her little dachshund “Trude” was attacked and seriously injured by two running loose Kangal dogs a few days ago, while walking along the small fishing harbour in Alagadi. Only thanks to the courageous intervention of her husband Malcolm, it was that the dangerous dogs left Trude and the pet escaped with its life.


The assailants, belonging to a restaurant owner living nearby had, according to the research by our member,  previously bitten other dogs, so they were well known for their aggressiveness.

This fact is extremely annoying and incomprehensible.

What needs to happen is that biting dogs, and especially their careless owners, will be punished with all severity? Do people have to be seriously injured or children be bitten to death?

These unconcerned dog owners have no sense of responsibility towards their surroundings and their fellow citizens. On the contrary, some of them seem to be even more proud of their aggressive dogs!


The owner of the Mastiff, which killed my dog ​​Laika, had not even thought it was necessary to apologize to me!

I have also learned a few days ago that death was caused to a young Husky and a tame donkey by a pitbull attack in Alsancak. Although the owner was cautioned and is aware of the lethal danger, this killer dog is still running around! My girlfriend and other dog owners in the area no longer trust walking with their animals for fear that they might run into this monster!

What is this?

DCIM100MEDIAA dog owner who is unable to educate and socialize his animal properly so that it poses no threat to the surroundings, not only should be severely fined, but he must also be prohibited for a lifetime to keep a big dog!

In many European countries the authorities have already taken action,  in Germany for example owners of dogs that are on an index for dangerous breeds, are imposed under penalty to provide a muzzle and a leash for their animals while walking them and to keep them in the kennel for the rest of the time. Owners of dogs, through which people were injured or even killed, expect not only a significant fine, but also go to jail under certain circumstances!


By the way, there is a regulation in Northern Cyprus, that dog owners are obliged to leash their animals when in  public areas. The penalty for violations is a minimum monthly net wage, at the moment 1.357 TL. Why is this regulation not enforced?

I can only hope that the authorities and the government recognize the existing danger as soon as possible and do something about it before the first person will be killed by aggressive dogs!

The following supplement to this issue I received from Margaret Ray of Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR):

KAR would like to have the report given to them of all incidents relating to dangerous dogs. The report should be given to our office on 0533 8694098 or via email ( This will enable us to warn other pet owners of the dangers of walking their dogs in certain areas. We would also like to learn whether the police were involved and if the owners of these dangerous dogs were notified, the dogs registrations checked and if any further action was taken.

12 thoughts on “The Attacks of Aggressive Dogs continue!

  1. My little dachshund was also attacked by these dogs at Alagadi but fortunately they ran off when we shouted. Judging from the above article it could have been far worse and we are so lucky my dog was saved.

  2. Yes she was lucky and she has just been signed off from the vet after 2 weeks. Does anyone know which restaurant owner owns these dogs?

  3. so? what should people do? kill all these magnificent street dogs? they never attack childeren. but they have dog-agression in their genetics its true. you can carry pepper spray when walk with your small dogs. this is the basic and certain solution

    1. Dog lover, how do you known these dogs would never attack children? It happens! I am a dog lover as well, but aggressive big dogs have to be put down, sorry!

  4. Just witnessed a vicious dog – with its owner present – in Bone Mare restaurant Paphos savage a cat. The owner wears a tee shirt stating “act like you own the place” need I say more. British diners wrapped the cat in a towel and took it off to see if it’s life could be saved. Children cried. The dog owner (male Cypriot) took the dog away but then resumed his lunch under the trees with his 3 female companions. Later he tried to bring his dog back into the restaurant! Unbelievable! My husband was thumping the dogs jaws trying to get it it release the owner watched.
    Distressing. Dangerous dogs must be muzzled to stop this behaviour and reduce the possibility of men (sorry but it’s rarely women) owning a dog which they think adds to their image and helps testosterone supply….

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