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Today – 10th January 2014


Four Businessmen’s Associations from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, South Cyprus, Turkey and Greece requested the sides to restart the negotiations in good faith by expressing that the solution in the Island will be beneficial for all sides.

The Turkish Cypriot Businessmen’s Association (ISAD), the Chairman of Greek Cypriot Employers and Industrialists’ Federation (OEB), the Chairman of Board of Directors Cyprus Dividedof Turkish Industry and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD) and the Deputy Chairman of Greek Federation of Enterprises (SEV) held a joint press conference in the buffer zone in Lefkoşa and a joint declaration was read out.

In the joint declaration, the two sides in the island were requested for ‘starting the negotiations in good faith for a comprehensive and lasting solution of the Cyprus problem’.

It was stressed in the declaration that “associability of political and economic developments can create an opportunity to reach a mutually accepted solution to the long-standing Cyprus problem”.

The four associations underlined in the declaration that a solution will generate a high level of economic co-operation among all parties involved. Besides, prosperity of the entire Eastern Mediterranean region depends on economic integration of the Island.”


President Derviş Eroğlu stated that he will be meeting with the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative – Alexander Downer on the 13th of January.

Speaking during one of his receptions yesterday, President Dervis Eroğlu said “We have been continuing our efforts Dervis Eroglu 7to reach a settlement in Cyprus’.

The President reminded that when he was elected as the President, he was demanded to give his full commitment to continue the negotiations from the stage left off and he signed a document which was sent to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Eroğlu criticized his Greek Cypriot counterpart for not doing the same.

“Still, we have been working on a joint statement. We presented a joint statement approved by all concerned parties but the Greek Cypriots wanted to delay the process by putting forward excuses” the President added.

Moreover, reminding that there are convergences reached during his predecessor’s term or during his term, Eroğlu said ‘If we continued the negotiations from the stage left off, we would make a good progress and perhaps reach a settlement’.

Expressing that there are some parties who state that the Greek Cypriots will be more willing for a solution due to the natural gas, Eroglu said ‘it seems that the issue of natural gas increased the intransigence of the Greek Cypriots’.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs – Özdil Nami received the US Ambassador to John KoenigSouth Cyprus John Koenig in his office yesterday.

Informing Ambassador Koenig regarding the position of the Turkish Cypriot side, Nami evaluated the continuing efforts regarding the joint statement and exchanged views about what can be done in the following period.

Expressing that the will of the people of the Turkish side is strong towards the solution of the Cyprus issue, Nami stated that the process was supported in this sense and their expectation was the resumption of the negotiations as soon as possible and to reach a result.

Ambassador Koenig stated that his country supported the process and they were ready to help the sides in order to reach a positive result.


Minister of Foreign Affairs – Özdil Nami received the President of the Turkish Cypriot Businessmen’s Association (IŞAD) – Metin Şadi and Members of the Board of Directors of IŞAD and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ozdil Nami 2Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (TÜSİAD) – Muharrem Yılmaz and members of the Board of Directors of TÜSİAD yesterday.

Nami stated that Turkish Cypriots have deep-rooted relations with TÜSİAD. Reminding that the contributions of TÜSİAD made for peace during the Annan Plan encouraged the Turkish Cypriots for taking difficult decisions, Nami pointed out that this makes the Turkish Cypriots feel the support and power of Turkey.

Expressing his appreciation for seeing the continuation of this contribution and understanding, Nami stated that TÜSİAD visited the island in a critical period. Nami stated that the Cyprus problem is in a critical period and important progress has been achieved in the study of a joint statement but it has not been finalized yet. He also pointed out that the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus will visit the island next week.

Expressing that dialogue with TÜSİAD is important for developing the economical relations between the TRNC and Turkey, Nami thanked the delegation for their visit.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜSİAD – Muharrem Yılmaz reminded that they issued a press statement declaring that they are ready to do their best for the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Stating that they, as the business world, are ready to do their part for providing economical developments which will maintain the peace, Yılmaz underlined that they desired the problem which has been continuing for a half century in the island to be solved.

Yılmaz also added that TÜSİAD will always make contribution to the solution of the Cyprus problem. He also expressed his positiveness that there is a good conjuncture for being optimistic in the search of a solution.


Stating that the dynamism foreseen with regard to the Cyprus issue during the year has started, Minister of Foreign Affairs – Özdil Nami expressed that a solution in Cyprus has become an obligation for the whole island.

Stating: ‘We have to succeed’, Nami said that finding a solution for tAlexander Downer 2he Cyprus issue has seriously become an obligation, for both Turkey and the sides on the island.

Noting that he would like Downer’s visit to be concluded successfully, Nami added that negotiations were important.

In his statement to a newspaper, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nami said that after overcoming the problems on the joint statement, an important progress could be made regarding the Cyprus issue and added: ‘Resumption of the negotiation with a general consensus is very important. Nami desired the leaders to be encouraged by all parts.

Adding that a joint statement has emerged by the proposal of the Turkish side as a result of consultation with the UN, Nami stated that the UN has made a great contribution in forming this statement and added: “Downer is doing his job well as a UN representative.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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