December 10, 2022

Support to National Archive

Office By GAU Faculty of


Girne American University – Junior and Senior level students of Counseling and Psychological Guidance Department and Turkish Language Teaching of the Faculty of Education 2013/2014 Fall Semester, have undertaken a social responsibility event by computation 1of data following the transferring of the TRNC Presidency National Archive Office to a new building and classifying their data.

The project was organised by Assist. Prof. Dr. Gökçe Yükselen Abdurrazzak Peler and Lecturer Zeki Akçam under the authority of the National Archive Office Director – Gökhan Şengör with the participation of 135 students. During the 10 weeks of orientation events, the students were informed on all the relevant departments of the National Archive Office, The historical importance of the documentation preserved in the 2National Achive was also stressed to students who previously had been assigned a certain task to conduct relevant to their skills and abilities and they were assigned to their pre-planned departments to follow their two weeks of duties.

It has also been underlined that students of the Guidance Department are easing the work of transferring through mutual co-operation with the current office personnel while the students of the Turkish Language Teaching are undertaking the duty of classifying and computation of the data and materials which have been transferred.

The Archive Director – Gökhan Şengör presented “certificates of appreciation” to the students for their collaborative effort and also Assist. Prof. Dr. Gökçe Yükselen Abdurrazzak Peler and Lecturer Zeki Akçam were presented with a plaque of appreciation with regard to their contribution.

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