North Cyprus – TRNC News Today – 6 January 2014 – Greek Cypriot side lies

North Cyprus – TRNC News

Today – 6 January 2014


The Greek Cypriot side claimed that the Turkish Cypriot side refused the last proposal of the Greek Cypriot side without making any suggestion. The Greek Cypriot side lies and makes propaganda in order to defend their thesis and this is known by whole world.

It was also stated that there was only one joint statement prepared within the framework of the Cyprus negotiations regarding a solution of the Cyprus problem, but the Greek Cypriot side hasAdmit the Truth not made any proposal in return for this statement.

Upon the claims of Greek Cypriot press, a TAK correspondent contacted diplomatic sources and said that a joint statement was submitted to the Greek Cypriot side but it was refused by the Greek Cypriot side without submitting any other proposal.

According to the gained information, the Greek Cypriot side wanted to send a new proposal to the Turkish Cypriot side via the United Nations and mail but this was not accepted as an official reply by the Turkish Cypriot side. The proposal of the Turkish Cypriot side dated 13th December which includes the issues regarding ‘Sovereignty and Citizenship’ was accepted by the Greek Cypriot side first but then it was refused by claiming that the ‘Turkish Cypriot side does not accept the powers anymore’.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office