December 2, 2022

2013 Reviews from Bayrak International

By Can Gazi

To our friends out there who regularly tune-in to watch our EnglishCan Gazi bw sml language TV programmes on BRT2 Live or listen to our non stop daily radio shows on Bayrak International Live,  I would like to say thank you on behalf of all of my colleagues. Your support is very much appreciated and gives us great encouragement to bring you so much more entertainment, news and reviews that you enjoy.

We have a special treat for you today on New Year’s Eve on Bayrak International radio when we have a number of shows where we will be bringing many people you may know together to set the scene for the start of 2014 as you can read as follows.

New Years Eve Reviews with Bayrak International Corporation

From 9 to 11pm DJ Nermin will be presenting a special Spotlight show, where fellow DJs will be giving out their own short messages of best wishes for the new year to the listeners.

At 11pm Fatoş Baykal will be reviewing the year with a look at the major events of 2013.

From 12 midnight until 1am Wednesday 1st of January 2014. I will be sharing my interviews conducted with people who are close to BRT.

First I will be chatting with Alice Smith who is a contributor to the weekend Breakfast Show with her affirmations. Then freelance journalist Marion Stuart will speak about her hopes for the new year.

Next will be Chris Elliott from who will be joining me in wishing all our listeners a Happy New Year and finally, ex BRTK news reader, Hatice Kerimgil will be rounding off the hour with her thoughts on Bayrak’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

For those friends who are unable to tune in on the stroke of midnight, you can hear my interviews with our major BRT supporters on my Northern Exposure programme on Thursday the 2nd of January between 5 and 7pm.

So 2014 is fast approaching and we would all like to wish you a Happy New Year – Mutlu Yillar and look forward to being with you again soon.

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