August 19, 2022

Lapta Belediye – Memorial

Football Tournament

By Margaret Sheard

Most of the British expatriate community will be celebrating Christmas Day on Wednesday 25th December and it seemed strange to receive a notification from Berke Ertopaloğlu of a football logotournament on that day but of course we must remember that the Turkish Cypriot community celebrate New Year and our Christmas Day is just a normal day for them.

But this is not a general football tournament, it is a memorial event for one of Berke’s co-workers who was killed in a car accident and the teams competing will all be Lapta Belediye employees.

The memorial event will start at 10am and finish during the afternoon. The venue is the Lapta artificial football pitch situated in the village just after the Lapta Nursery School.

What a lovely gesture to make for their co-worker so although a sad event at the same time it is a mark of respect and remembrance for a fellow employee.

Lapta belediyesi halı saha turnuvası

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