August 12, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

Christmas Dinner 2013

By Margaret Sheard
Photography by Ralph Kratzer

It is always a pleasure to get together with the members of TFR and what better time than to celebrate the Festive Season and the coming of Christmas. With the members of TFR being from so many nationalities the Festive Season is celebrated in many different ways, from th3. Ready to dinee actual day to the types of food served to guests and also the way in which entertainment is arranged.

All of this did not make any difference to the 72 members, from 6 nations, of TFR who arrived at the Deniz Kizi Hotel in Alsancak to enjoy an evening together at the annual Christmas Dinner. The room where the function was to take place looked lovely, with nicely decorated tables and chairs and little chocolate treats on the tables. We had all pre-chosen our selection from the menu which had been circulated to the members and when the starters arrived we were soon all tucking in to either soup or a goat’s cheese salad.

After the starters, it was time for the raffle to be drawn. I had noticed when we a5. Carolyn starts the rafflerrived the huge selection of lovely prizes on offer and Carolyn was elected to take the microphone and start drawing the winning tickets. It is strange that, as the old saying goes “the luck of the draw”, some people won numerous prizes, including Carolyn’s husband Ian, much to her embarrassment, but that is the way it goes, last year I won 2 prizes but this year I was unlucky. It’s all good fun and for a very worthy cause.

Hein4. Heinz gives a speechz Nauroth, the Chairman, gave a very short speech of welcome and hoped that everyone enjoyed the evening.

The main meals started to arrive followed by dessert and also a cheese board and coffee and brandy so probably by then all of us were feeling very well fed and in between this the waiters were buzzing around with drinks to keep everyone happy. One of the guests at our table said he was a definite cheese lover and as most of us didn’t tackle the cheese board he managed to polish it all off. I do hope he didn’t have nightmares that night!

After all that s6. Ralph tells us about the sketchcrumptious food, there came a big surprise. Ralph told us a little about a tradition at New Year which is followed in various European countries and that is a sketch which is very popular at this time of year called “Dinner for One”. It is an English sketch from the 1920’s which was televised in Germany in 1963 and included Freddie Frinton and Amy Warden as the cast. It has become somewhat of a cult in certain countries and yet has never been shown on British TV, very strange because it is extremely funny.8. Horst and Carolyn entertain

So we were entertained by Horst Gutowski, assisted by Carolyn, to a re-enactment of this sketch which had the guests in fits of laughter. They did it so well and were extremely funny, especially Horst who took the part of James 9. Horst and the tiger rugthe butler who has problems with a tiger skin rug and by the end of the sketch seemed to be pretty inebriated. I wondered if what was coming out of the bottles was actually alcohol but maybe not, it was Horst showing what an extremely good actor he is.

All too soon the evening came to an end and people were saying their goodbyes and good wishes for Christmas and the New Year. So a big thank you to the TFR Committee for once again arranging a very enjoyable and successful TFR Christmas Dinner.

Have a look at the following slideshow to see many pictures of the members enjoying the evening and you may also want to see the TV programme “Dinner for One” so see this very funny original sketch below.

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