August 9, 2022

VOX POP tête-à-tête – 27th November 2013

Steve Collard and Claire Lamb

Civil Emergency Services Volunteers (CESV) 

 By Engin Dervişağa

From time to time we are asked to repeat some of our Vox Pop shows on BRT2 Television which many people may not have seen or would like to see again.

One such show was the interview at the home of Steve Collard, Operations Director of CESV – Dealing with a choking personCivil Emergency Service Volunteers where we talked to him and trainer Clair Lamb about their activities and involvement with Sivil Savunma (Civil Defence) and the training they give to the TRNC Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service and Doctors and Nurses in the State Hospitals.

They also have held training sessions for companies and groups consisting of members of the public and they are always looking to recruit new members into their local CESV teams. 

In this fascinating interview we also saw trainers Bob Lamb and Andy King demonstrating a number of life saving techniques and at the time of the original transmission, I wrote a review of this show on which you can read by clicking here.


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