August 9, 2022



American Colleges in Girne and Lefkoşa which provides education under the Girne American University (GAU) Group of Schools celebrated Teachers’ Day enthusiastically.

The American College students have once more demonstrated the value and love for their teachers by presenting flowers to them on 24th November which Teachers' Daywas World Teachers’ Day.

The American College principal – Nagihan Diner, has stated that “We are celebrating the day of 24th November – Teachers’ Day, which Atatürk presented to us, in addition to the World Teacher’s Day. For me, today is a sign of the value which we award to ourselves as teachers. Today is celebrated by our children as enthusiastically as us. The future is in the hands of children and we are the ones to prepare the children for the future.”

Following the celebration, all of the GAU Group of Schools teachers attended the meal that was organized in the GAU Tourism Practice Centre at Camelot Beach Club.

Diner recalled a poem during the feast that stated “We are the light that enlightens the darkness. If we ever fade away, we then blossom for the future.”

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