August 19, 2022

RBL 2014 Events Planning Meeting

By Chris Elliott

With the recent re-election of Major (Ret’d) Brian James Thomas BEM as Chairman, news is starting to come  through of his ideas and plans for the future of the Royal British Legion Kyrenia Branch.

One of his first initiatives is to invite TRNC Charities and Associations to a meeting where they can pool their plans for events for 2014 so these can be planned in anRBL Chairman Major Brian Thomas BEM events calendar with the knowledge that they will not clash and each event can hopefully attract as many people as possible to the good causes they are trying to promote..

Having written in North Cyprus newspapers and now on and its community sharing partners websites and forum, I welcome the return of this initiative by Brian Thomas,  as if successful and charities and associations communicate with each other, there is far more likelihood that their major events will be successful and attract maximum attendance if dates are set well in advance.

It has never ceased to amaze me that many events and activities are organised in North Cyprus at very short notice and then the news is only given to a preferred newspaper or internet source when there is such a wide choice which will spread individual news to far more people both home and abroad. Perhaps in 2014 we will see many more people and organizations realising the many more media sources that are available and use them.

Best wishes to Brian Thomas, the Royal British Legion Kyrenia Branch and all those other caring people and organisations who will be working hard next year to help others.

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