August 19, 2022

TFR – The Foreign Residents in the TRNC

TFR – “Stammtisch” get-together is

moving to the Winter Location

by Ralph Kratzer

Four weeks ago just at the date of the weekly get-together of the TFR (The Foreign Residents in the TRNC) there was a forecast of bad weather for Friday afternoon.

P1010140As the club´s summer venue, the “Sea Point”, a wonderful location directly on the waterfront of Lapta, has no covered area, the Board Members had to do something! (to remember the TFR summer venue – click here!)

So the Committee decided at short notice to return to last year’s winter location, namely the Aeria Bar in Lapta .

The TFR members had lovely times in the past in the Aeria Bar, legendary meetings, including the “Glögg” event in December last year (to remember – click here!) …

But it turned out that the times were changing !

100_0892With the rapidly increasing number of members of the TFR in the past year, the number of visitors increased at the weekly “Stammtisch” as well!

I remember one of my first weekly get-togethers with the TFR nine years ago, in those days held in the “legendary” Corner Bar of our friend Jan. We were often only three or four members sitting together and chatting…!

But then over the years there were more and more participants. Now, every Friday, there are at least 30 members at the “International Table” and for this number of people the Aeria Bar in Lapta was unfortunately too small… a rational conversation was hardly feasible due to the noise level!

So it was decided to look for a new location…

P1010227As the Committee of the TFR take such tasks very seriously, they personally inspected the possible venues which had been proposed by TFR members.

The criteria for the selection were:  enough space, cosy, not too expensive, easy to find, sufficient car parking facilities, not too far away from the centre of Kyrenia, open during winter time… and so on!

Not easy, I can tell you!

Out came the following:

Some places were too small, others had an uncomfortable atmosphere, one of the “candidates” was nice and cosy but not easy too find, another one had not enough car parking, and another one looked too much like a sports bar and disco…

In the end I personally thought the Committee would not be successful at all this afternoon. But last but not least they found a venue, which from their point of view fitted all the necessary criteria.

Last Friday at the TFR´s weekly get-together in the Aeria Bar the Chairman, Heinz Nauroth, presented the final result of the Committee´s search for a new suitable venue for these meetings to the again numerous participants.

From Friday, 15th November 2013, the “Stammtisch” will be held at the

CAPITANO Restaurant in Alsancak.

The time will change to 3 pm (15.00 hrs)!

The CAPITANO is easy to find, the building looks like a ship and is located on the mainroad Girne to Lapta on the right hand side.

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