December 1, 2022

VOX POP tête-à-tête

By Engin Dervişağa

I recently met with Dr Brenda Davis who was born and raised in County Durham, England, She told me she now lives in Zambia, which has always felt like her spiritual home. She lives on Empilweni Farm (a place of peace and healing) with a loving, thriving, harmonious community of Zambian people many of whom Dr Brenda Davis talks to Engin Dervişağawere orphans when they arrived and who, over the last twelve years, have become her extended family.

From here she travels extensively to see her family in UK and to teach at the School which is now in nine countries around the world. Having retired from medical practice in the UK as a physician and Consultant Psychiatrist, Brenda continues to run a lively practice in Zambia.

When she is not in her beloved Zambia, writing or doing healing work  on her farm or elsewhere, she can be found teaching, broadcasting or addressing conferences and corporate events all over the world and had come recently to North Cyprus where I met her at the Courtyard Inn, Karakum where she was giving a spiritual healing workshop.

Whilst out on the assignment with my camera team, we also visited  the Sourp Magar Armenian Monastery, near Alevkayasi to make a small documentary about it. The monastery of Sourp Magar is situated at a height of 510m above sea level on the northern slopes of the Beşparmak mountain and is to the east of Kyrenia, North Cyprus and close to the Five Finger mountain.

My Vox Pop programme on BRT2 TV Live which includes these two interesting features can be seen on Wednesday 6th November at 11.00 This show will also be shown on Sunday the 10th November at 10.30am so do join us for a very interesting and fascinating show.

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